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Two returning players looking for a Pve/social guild EU


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Hey there!

me and my partner returned after a two years break to the game and are looking for a social guild.We played casually over the years with breaks here and there and are currently enjoying playing through the current story chains and doing metas.

the guild can be english or germanwe play mostly on weekends and when we have the time in the evenings on weekdays (Central European Time)most interest we have is in PvEwe also have a bit of interest in WvW and would be willing to transfer if its a good fit for us (currently on Dzagonur) but it isnt a major point for us and we can just stick with roamingit should be a pressure free and mature environmenta frequently used discord would also be nice to have since we are looking forward to meet new people and not just play with the pixels in front of them

shoot me a msg for any questions

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Hey! Sounds like you guys would fit right into [boH].We are a casual, social guild with focus on PvE. Most people play during the evening (CET) and on weekends, where we also organise beginner friendly Raid Trainings!We have an active and organized Discord server where most of the communication happens. If you two are interested - Add me on Discord: Deluriya#5245 :))

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