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DRM Challenge Mode Top Dragon Responder achievements NOT being awarded

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It seems that achievements related to the completion of DRM in CM (Top Dragon responders) are not being properly awarded to party members. I completed Fields of Ruin's CMs a few days ago with a full party, but only the instance owner was awarded with the Top Dragon Responder achievement... Which threw to waste my investment and effort. I’m still at 0/5 completion.

I can confirm that all three challenges were active and we were notified as such at the beginning.


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@"Ayrilana.1396" said:Are you referring to the one that requires you to not get hit by a specific attack or the one to complete five of the CMs?

I'm referring to the "Top Dragon responders" achievements specifically. It seems that Killer Waves was fixed after my last attempt so I can't comment on this one and will assume it works.

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