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Female Charr voice acting in LW5


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After the voice acting came back after COVID-19, I noticed my female charr characters speak faster in the newly released LW chapters.The dialog sounds like a fast-forwarded version and they sound rather emotionless, annoying and distracting me from getting into the story and enjoy it.As someone who continued playing the game largely because of love to their Charrs and living stories, I really hope we can get our old voice back.

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I'm not talking about how the new voice actor is doing compared to the previous one. The new voice actor has been doing our voice since LW4, but my female Charr has been talking differently since LW5 Episode 3--At least that was when it became distracting for me to play the story. Dragon Response Mission: Fields of Ruin is a good example. She talks so fast, as if she wanted to get it over with her line quickly because she didn't like it.

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