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Rev took thief role


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@"Arheundel.6451" said:...no sane person would ever opt to fight against a thief rather than a revenant , let's not consider only the current situation...but the entirety of the history of GW2 :

-considering from launch till now.....so not just current iteration

-HS spammer? ... lol

-"immortal" s/d? ... was never immortal

-d/p? ... ???

-p/p power or condi? ... joking? Was never gud

-condi trap perma stealth? ... joking? Was never gud (dont talk about troll wvw)

-PI spammer? ... if spam PI u r bad teef anyway

-PW spam? ... got eaten by DP core

-DE? ... was never meta

Teef wasnt meta for at least 3/4 HOT, eveveryone was playing power rev instead of teef, most often stacked...

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@Styros.8931 said:

@Styros.8931 said:can say 100 times more . If you playing d/p p/d stop crying, its broken af and you not supposed to cry about buff thiefs . If you playing non pistol weapon sets, ok understandable

Once again, the guy with absolutely no understanding of thief is here to say pistol is the problem when both sets using the same weapon are completely different and have nothing to do with each other.

yes its completly different , BUT . D/P is best power and P/D best condi , there no other weapon sets, literally because pistol giving too much impact in both ways

Literally because core thief can only equip 4 weapon types in total.. With shortbow being the de-facto standard due to utility and the fact that thief doesn't really benefit from a second offensive weapon set there are literally only 6 builds that are available in total.. d/d and p/p which are gimmicky at best (btw, why is p/p not the meta if pistol is the problem?), d/p, p/d and s/d, s/p..Also why is dagger not the problem? d/p and p/d also both use dagger and even the previous s/d meta uses dagger but no pistol.. Why the hate for pistol in the first place?I mean for d/p it's literally only there to enable stealth combo.. remove headshot, strip everything away from pistol#5 and you'd basically change nothing for d/p.And p/d is to be expected to utilize pistols more since there is one skill more available on mainhand -> 50% more skills! wow! + it's mainhand so they are actually used.. but even then it's basically the same as with d/p - but ranged.. #5 for stealth then stealth attack with some random #3 thrown into the mix.

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