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[EU] LF Commited Raid team &/or Raid/PVE Guild


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,Hello!-Udoshf (CET 1am-6pm) hereIm a very active gamer (at most 100+hrs a week) and am very invested in GW2 currently.I'm looking for a committed group of people for an intro to raids and then to raid regularly; as I learn best quickly by physically trying them out. Im a quick learner and only need at most 1 trial run for any encounter and would if necessary try to just learn beforehand outside and be ready if yall unwilling to go through training runs. The most important thing is a static group I can count on one to few times weekly to raid regularly to work towards leg armor and possibly hang out with at the same time. I will be free everyday starting next weds CET 1am - 6pm with few exceptions but wuld refer raid sessions at most few hrs at a time (thus right aft server rest works fine for example). Ive always been interesting in raiding but the main problem in many MMOs Ive played is the timezones (GMT+8) and groups.Main all 3 warr types dps/bs and guard condi quickness dps.am willing to build renegade when I finish leveling it, or my ranger but will take some time

Also looking for Guilds to hang when not raiding - if the raid team is not a guild team (or if I dont find one) - doing other PVE stuff like fracts, strikes, or while Im doing my own solo things. You'll see me pop up at weird timings most ppl should be asleep at hahah. Id appreciate a good community to share this GW2 experience with and enjoy together! ^^

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