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[EU] Looking for a Roleplay Guild


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So, yeah ! I've played the game quite a lot (or more than I amused to at least !) but there is a thing I never explored, nor really heard about in fact ! (Despite my best effort to look out ! Truth be told, my eyesight is probably very bad !)

So I wondered if there is a RP guild that would accept me in that new adventure ?

If ever you're interested, know that I have Roleplayed quite a lot on forums at the time, but never on MMOs/videogames themselves. I don't know if there is anything different, the implicit rules there may have, but of course, I'm always here and eager to learn !

I tend to play in the afternoon/evening (if ever it's important for certain peoples/guilds, I also have access to a mic and discord !)Please know that English isn't my main language, but at least I think, I can write and speak it fluently enough !

So ... here it is, if you're the GM of a RP guild that want to learn to a half noob ... Don't hesitate to answer / DM me !

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