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[NA] PVP "focused" guild: Chasing Legends in the Mists


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Hey all..

I am beginning a guild "focused" around PVP (but can do PVE, Living Story etc for events, expansions, etc) content.. I'm not looking for "try hards" or pvp snobs.. but people who want to hang out and have some fun in PVP. We can play and practice together and learn match mechanics.. Ranked is fun.. rewards are great too.. Maybe do some automated tournaments.. or ranked, unranked.. etc.. I began PVPing back in October and really have been enjoying the snot out of it. Part of my reluctance to playing PVP before (I've been in GW2 since beta).. was the "toxic" environment and the perceived level of skill. I've no doubt gotten better.. but only because I jumped in and was willing to learn... and would love to team up with some fun folks in NA who would love to get busy with gaining some rewards and maybe "chase some legendaries." It really wasn't as bad as I feared.. and I've had TONS of FUN.. I only wish I had begun earlier.. You can do.. don't be afraid!! I'm nearly done with The Ascension and have the mats mostly already for 2 pieces of legendary armor. (and will keep going to get a full set)..

I'm usually in game later in the evenings during the week (CST).. though this week you might find me on during the day too.

Looking for:

  • fun social people
  • willing to learn and have fun
  • no toxicity or ego's please

Hit me up here or in game for a g-invite or for questions.... I have Windswept Haven guild hall ready to CLEAR and a Discord channel as well...


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