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I know this is a thread requesting that they alter its position, but if you would not like to wait for it to be repositioned (if it ever might be), you can manually move its position using any CSS-based add-on for your browser. Some use Stylus, but I like to use Stylish for FireFox personally.

After entering to create a new theme within the add-on for these forums, this is what determines the position of the pop-up notification:

/* Move Notification Popup Location */.InformMessages, .InformWrapper{top: 91%; /* Moved to bottom of page - lower value moves it up the page */left: 12%; /* Moved to left of page - higher value moves it to the right on the page */}

I believe default is 50%/50% so it is dead center. This moves it 91% away from the top toward the bottom of the screen and 12% from the left edge of the screen (so it is repositioned out of the way into the bottom left corner of the screen).

I can assist with more detailed instructions on using and creating a theme in Stylish via PM if you would like, or just ignore this post if you have no interest in manually altering its position via CSS.

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