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NA Guild Recruiting - EST/CST for for events.


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Join the BOSS Fatal Aggression family. We mostly focus on metas, missions, raids and fractals, but dabble in grouping up for WvW, PvP, dungeons, etc. We host quarterly raffles for our members where we give away pots of gold and rare skins. Members are asked to rep the guild during guild hosted events to earn chances at a drawing for a pre-cursor.

We have very active Discord and a max level guild hall with several active decorators plying their trade and an arena fully kitted out to test your skills against your guild mates. Currently, we have members of all ages with a large variety of schedules. At any time, there are many of our over 250 members online for easy guild gaming. We like to think of ourselves not just as a guild but as a gaming community, many of our members have formed friendships and play other games with each other as well.

In-game, shoot a message or in-game mail to one of our officers to get an invite! Game on and have fun!

Ranger.2341, raeshin.8304, fuzz.2571, moeghanna.6712, ronco.3708, mikeysway.2680 or Lucerra.9015,

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