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time of the day

Happy Yes.1453

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When you soloq in plat tier, this is the most relevant factor that will determine if you gonna win or lose rating.

The solution: add an option that u can enable, which will assure that the average rating of your teammates will be very close to your own rating

I'll already type your reply here, so u don't have to bother: but that will increase q times

But would that really always be the case?-> It could also increase the amount of people q'ing-> There is a group of players that would like to play a few games not in prime time, but wont do it because they are likely to roll in a clownfiesta and its throwing rating out of the window-> Give these players, probably a minority, who would rather have longer q time, a guarantuee not to be rolled into a clownfiesta-> This would encourage these players to actually play the game again and be less toxic

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Here's the thing about time of day. It's a myth.

The only thing the time of day actually effects is the number of people that will probably be queing up for matches. This says nothing about whether you have more noobs que up during the day, or more noobs queing up during the night.

If i suggest that you "que up in the night time cause that's when all the noobs go to sleep" is a myth.

On the Other point about your comment. It's true that the MMR will search through the que for players with MMR that are close to one another, and if it can't find any it will expand it's search. I also like your suggestion, that an option for a longer que time in favor of tighter MMR spread. However i doubt it will ever be implemented and there are a few reasons why.

The way the current MM works is by collectively splitting up that wait time through all the players in the que. Let's imagine that half these players use such an option for longer que times, then you are also elongating the que times of players that don't have the option selected. In other words you can't really have "an option" it's either one or the other.

The ONLY solution for MMR is that it needs a high population where there are more players to sample from, it's that simple.

How do you get high population...? Is the question to really be asking here.

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@"JusticeRetroHunter.7684" said:Here's the thing about time of day. It's a myth.

What are you talking about?

It's a well observed phenomenon that if you're P2+, then if you queue up during prime-time you'll get matches against other plat players, and if you queue up at 4am, you'll get put in games with Silvers.

Making the distinction between "the time of day" and "the number of people queuing (because of the time of day)" is beyond pedantic.

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@"Ragnar.4257" said:Making the distinction between "the time of day" and "the number of people queuing (because of the time of day)" is beyond pedantic.

It's a bit pedantic yea. but it's necessary because of what I just said. People truly believe that noobs que during the weekend, that pros que during prime time, etc...And that's a bias that comes from assuming generalizations about people, when on average, all that matters is the number of people that are currently online and currently queuing for matches. Frankly the only thing we know about population is that maybe between 5 - 8 o clock will have the highest volume of players, based on other sets of data available (like television prime time)

So i was trying to make the distinction between those two...one is a myth, one is based on just average number of people, i think you'd be surprised how many people believe in the former rather than the latter.

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