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EU Player looking for a Raid Static


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Hello raiders !

I'm looking for a chill and friendly raid static able to FC at least the 4 firsts wings. I'm a fast learning player that loves to improve in the game and that can take the critic quite easily. Always trying to improve myself. I currently have around 175-200 LI and I know really well the 4 firsts wings. but that's not the case for the other ones. The bosses on which I still lack experience are Largos, Q1, Q2, Statue and Dhuum. But I already watched a tons of vids about those bosses on different POVs so I quite know what to expect :)

I currently play Alac, Condi Ren (and Condi Ren RR) and Power DD and I reach ~ 90% on the golem (I'm currently learning and gearing Power Weaver). But I can absolutely learn anything if it fits better for your comp.I'm available every evenings and week-ends (except almost every monday evenings due to online classes).

If you have any question, feel free to contact me on discord : Impac#9805 or in game : Impac.4928

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