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cap rank out of placements for account with low games also a checkbox for more balanced q's


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It doesn't make sense how someone can never play ranked, get a lucky placement streak and get placed in p1 p2.

Maybe cap the ranked out of placements. No games played on account gold 1 max rank out of placements, and every 50 ranked games played the higher your ranked out of placements can go

You can still climb as high as you can, so it wont ruin alts.

G3 is a kitten storm because you let people with no experience get high ranked with no past experience get a good rating for just decent placements. It ruins it for players stuck at the g3 wall AND the new players who get matched with players much better than them

Also, a balanced q checkbox would be sick, you have to wait longer for a q but you would get matched with people a lot more equivalent in skill. It would still be the same player pool, people who pick the quick q could get lucky and land in a balanced match but would also have the chance to land in a game that mirror the current matchmaking balance.

on a side note, i literally just lost 3 games, -16 -13 -13, +3 barely in gw2. really?????

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