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What differentiates the Guardian and Revenant mechanics?


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Trying to decide if i want to try out the Revenant. I’ve played Guardian before.

From and outside perspective, with little understanding of the differences, they are both heavy armor classes that prioritize melee (much like warrior), except they incorporate "magic" utilities. I use quotes because I realize that mana isn't really a thing in GW2. But to go along with that last statement, I know the Revenant uses energy, which is unique for any profession in this game. So I see that is obviously a large difference between them. But I'm more curious about how the characters play and feel.

So how to their "magic" utilities differ? How do these professions feel different?


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Depends in how you build them. Guardian is a team fighter with excellent damage mitigation options and boon output. Rev has the benefit of double the utilities and 2 heals, but needs affective management of energy. They can have good mobility and damage mitigation, but lack the condi removal and boon output that guardian provides.

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Simplistically speaking:

Guardian feels like a fantasy Paladin. Your faith and conviction grants you passive buffs which you can activate for additional effects. Skills wise, it's like any other GW2 class, you select 5 out of your entire pool and that's it until you change it out of combat. You are free to mix and match skills as you please.

Revenant feels like a psychic medium in heavy armour. You invite a dead spirit into your body, which grants you a pre-determined set of skills. Inviting a different spirit (ie. the Legend Swap button) grants you a totally different set of pre-determined skills. Think of it as you borrowing the use of their signature abilities. Each spirit is also mildly themed, eg. Jalis for defensive, Glint for buffs.

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To make things a little more simple:


  • Build Diversity: High - just like any other profession in the game, they have the most potential for build crafting because of how you can mix and match your healing, utilities, and elite.
  • HP: Lowest - they have the lowest HP in the heavy armor class. You have to rely on blocks and multiple sources of healing to keep you alive. You have to be mindful on how you also pick your stats when gearing.


  • Build Diversity: Limited - Revenant legends are "presets" that is based on the principle of the dynamic combat of GW2. When you pick you your legend, you're picking a "theme/playstyle" that represents either power, condition, healing, defense, profession specific mechanic, boons, support. Each set will have their own healing, stun break, crowd control, and elite skill.
  • HP: Medium - they have a moderate amount of base HP, which gives you more leeway to spec more on aggressive stats. Revenant's sustain comes from making sure you have the enough energy to use your healing skill or support skills.
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Guardian is mostly your typical Paladin/Holy Knight class/job/profession.It's the most versatile profession and can basically to everything except for Alacrity (which it probably will get access to in EoD).

Revenant likely has been introduced as a throwback to GW1:the energy systemall Core legends (+ Glint) depict more or less prominent figures from GW1.

It's the most limiting profession.Due to the legend mechanic, it has the least utility skills and you can't choose them freely.In addition to that, the Energy mechanic limits the option you have during active play, as all your skills (except AA) require it.Sometimes you just can't activate necessary skills, because you are out of Energy.Depending on how you play, you may have 2-3 useless utility skills at times.For example: When I play Herald, I mostly just activate the facets for Swiftness and Fury so I can use weapon skills without worrying about running out of Energy.

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