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Which mount skins have a lot of VFX/SFX?

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It's a shame that you can only see the models of the mounts, but not which ones have effects, such as the trails (Branded Roller Beetle, Darkmist Shrike Griffon, Super Outlaw Raptor, etc.).Can anyone tell me which mounts have effects?

There are not all the showcases on Youtube, unfortunately.

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Cozy Wintersday ones have snow falling around themThe Shimmerwing skyscale skin has trails from the wings and an animation where you feed it a mushroomMad Realm skins are very smoky and have bats flying around them you can dyeTrailblazer roller beetle has dyeable flames on itPrimeval skins I think have some effects to them

If memory serves, the exo suit skins might have some unique sounds

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Here's a list of the ones I remember, but even for ones I own I'm doing this from memory because I can't log in right now so I may miss some or get them wrong. I've also excluded ones you can see in the preview window, like the fact that exo-suit mounts have glowing panels around them and the darkmist mounts have smoke coming off them.

  • The bioluminescent skyscale has a kind of sparkle in the air around it (matching the glow on the body). I assume the other bioluminescent mounts have something similar, but I'm not sure as I don't own them.
  • Branded mounts have sparks that come off their body slightly but the only time I've noticed it trailing behind is when I dive-boosted the griffon, and then it might be part of the dive effect.
  • Cozy wintersday mounts have snow falling around them.
  • Electric mounts have sparks around their body, which will trail behind slightly as they move.
  • Ice mounts have steam or mist coming off their body which trails behind as they move and the shiverpeaks mounts have a smaller version of the same thing. It can be dyed to be more or less noticeable.
  • Mad Realm mounts have smoke around them, which will trail behind them.
  • Mirror masked jackal has butterflies coming off it.
  • The primal mounts all have smoke around them, especially around their feet, which will trail behind slightly as they're running.
  • The resplendent avian raptor kind of sparkles. I don't have this one so I don't remember exactly, but there's definitely a particle effect.
  • The super outlaw raptor glows slightly and leaves a pixel trail as it moves.
  • The sacred pegasus griffon has smoke around it's feet which trails behind slightly and leaves a faint rainbow trail as it runs/flies, like the Bifrost does.
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