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Thank you Spellbreakers


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How SB brought Pirate ship meta "back" ?

Unless you meant brought it "Down"

Even so i disagree, what brought it down is the Scourge nerf , Since PoF release, Pirate Ship meta was at its peak thanks to Scourge.

Whoever charges first dies, Even SB can't last 10 seconds before the nerf .

And i agree, the fights are much better since the nerf, No one wants Pirate ship.

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Lhamia u forgot to tell ur a necro/scourge main ??????

:bleep_bloop: funny cause all ic are necro scourge stacked on pirate ship or zerg overwhelming like a truck the smallest server with lots of scourges since lots of classes dont have combat escapes, its melee train with condi burst condi burst condi burst ...

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