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Siren's landing reclic backpacks animation?

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Does anyone have those? The preview window shows an animation happening, but it's not clear when that animation plays.Does it happen only when you equip it once, then it's the shape it's supposed to be?Or is it a combat animation that happens when you enter combat?

Anyone know?

I'm getting a butterfly Lyssa backpack for my mesmer, so just curious until i farm enough pearls.

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I know it's been a whiel but whatever, i thought i should add this for people to see.

I got the Lyssa backpack, and they transform every time you mount/dismount!So since people constantly do that nowdays, you'll see that animation a lot of the time.So for anyone who was bummed you don't see it often, you actually do. Not in combat, and only once on equip, but then after that - every time you mount or dismout.So... A lot. :smile:

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