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LFG PvE/PvP, Eastern Timezone, casual/semi-hardcore, FC


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Once I got to level 80 when the game came out, I no longer felt like playing. I'm back and have played HoT, starting PoF, and finally getting what I want out of the game and having a blast! I'm really into fractals, crafting my daily time-gated recipes and will get to T4 soon enough ;) I love the challenge modes and doing difficult group content (can't wait to do some raids). I'm also really into PvP even though I never PvP in any MMO. I'm open to WvW content, but I haven't done any of it yet and only plan on doing reward tracks for legendary crafting so far. Willing to change servers.

Finally, I can effectively communicate with text chat, but I have trouble connecting with others and wanting to stick around without a discord. Regular use isn't necessary, but for group content it would be nice.


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