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Returning player looking for fun active guild!


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Greetings! Most of my time in Guild Wars 2 was spent in Conquest before I left some 5 years ago, and now that I'm back, I'm looking to expand my horizons into other things too. I've not done many strike missions/fractals, never done a raid, but I'm looking to learn. Would also be down to re-learn WvW. A semi-casual Environment would be preferred as I've just recently come back, and I just looking for a good time on top of learning new things. My home server is Sanctum of Rall. But yeah, looking for friends/guildies to run stuff with, who don't mind teaching a returning player content.


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Hi! Im here representing [HoF] Hunters of Fortune. We can offer you a small community to grow in. We host casual activities like beginner fractals and achievement hunting as well as end game stuff like raid training. We love taking in newbies and helping them grow so maybe give us a shot if you are still looking. Reach out to Lord Ebilness.9423 ingame if interested!

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