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Maverick has been silenced...?

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Although for many who likely play the Charr Personal Story, we all eventually choose which Charr we'd like as our Warband Bandmate, i've played through all possible stories and combos with each Charr listed, one of them being Maverick, but for some reason...after you're done with the Tutorial with him...Maverick won't speak up anymore...his lines still appear in his speech bubbles, but the actual voice won't play...not even a grunt or growl like how they did when the newest episodes had no voice acting.

Maverick's voice lines literally won't play at all...i figured this would be the best place to post about the issue as i've reported it numerous times about it with no fix planned to it...i know its not a big deal but it is rather upsetting that the character just won't talk while everyone else does.

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