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Masters Of None [ZERO] is seeking recruits

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Greetings duds, layabouts, flunkees, underdogs, failures slackers, slugs, Malingerers, Miscreants, Reprobates, Nihilites and other assorted inutile recrement.Do we have a deal for you. The deal is there is no deal. You stand on your own and make your value known or no. Success or no. The guild cares neither way for the guild is the bodyof our great god [ZERO] and through you lives and experiences pleasure, pain, victory, defeat, creation and destruction. For only the cycle is eternalJoin us or not. You are part of us already.

Live to die. Die to live. HaumPraise 0

Semi-RP guild not seeking to specialize in one area of game play i.e.WvW, PvP, PvE, etc for all are aspects of [ZERO].We are a new guild and hope to have our guild hall in the week. There are no requirements other than be 18+ as salty, saucy language is allowed and don't be a jerk.Please Join us. We look forward to seeing you

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