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make the Hero "Glorious" Armor actually feel Glorious


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The Hero "Glorious" armor is a pvp only armor-set that was attainable from past Tournaments. Now they are a prize for the mAT, however the re-skined version, which anyone can get by dedicating time (not skill) into pvp can get (I think its called Ardent Hero armor?), looks too much like (what should be, the MOST prestigious armor in the game) like a standard armor set that anyone can get. The light blue diamond effects looks like its just a dye on a armor set. Rather can we get some aura or maybe some visual updates to the Glorious Hero armor, so it stands out more in a crowd. I mean, it would be cool running around in a fullset of it that really shows off what you accomplished in playing the hardest and most exclusive part of the game.

Edit: I meant its only attainable in PvP but can be used in other gamemodes.

TLDR: Can my Glorious Hero armor feel... Glorious?

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