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'R' Key Toggling On

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I'm having an issue where, while playing the game, my "R" key will toggle on and I have no idea why it happens or to stop it once it happens. Well, I should say the only way to stop it is to restart my computer. Simply exiting the game doesn't work. It only happens when playing GW2 and doesn't happen when playing any other game. I'll be making a similar post on the Razer support forums since my hardware are Razer products. Thanks.

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If you play windowed mode(using multi monitors), if your holding 'W' and the app loses focus while you release 'W' you can become stuck running due to a missed key up event, I know this happens in the original guild wars, and many games, because they don't set all keys to false when the app loses focus, meaning you'll run until you trigger a 'W' key up event.

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