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Backpiece keep disappearing

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Its not happen in all maps, is almost on new maps..

Its happend almost after use gliding, the backpiece dissapear, then if i uncheck/check again to show it on character wardrobe, then when i stow the weapon its disappear again.

The behavior only back to normal if switch the map/relogin character.

Anyone have a clue how to solve this?

It happens more often in Dragon Fall or "farm maps", it seems linked to the number of players on the map.

By they war, this never happen on Core/Old maps, even full populated.

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@"Randulf.7614" said:It's unsolvable by us. Just keep reporting it via the in game report tool. Add in any info about what might have triggered it - eg whether you used mounts, combat, back items in use etc. I've written plenty of detailed reports, but I suspect it's a hard thing to pin down

im testing it, if any developer any day will try look at this, just go to dragon fall, on a near full map, and glide short distance, this bug seems related to backpiece not loading while gliding(more peeps on map=more time to load), them some "variable" mark it to hide everytime. its have 90% of chance to happen in dragonfall.

i guess a short fix to it, is just they reset "variables" to mark backpiece hidden status on waypoint, or on character res.

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