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[EU][PvE] Bastions of Hope is recruiting! (casual, social & LGBTQIA+ friendly)


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xzgIZEb.png About Bastions of Hope [boH]We're a casual, LGBTQIA+ friendly community with focus on fun, inclusion of all players, and kindness.We strive for an active guild, hence quality members over the quantity, which is why Discord is a requirement to communicate and where you will be able to get to know us better and vice versa. Speaking in voice chat is not pressured upon you! We're most active in the evenings (GMT+0 timezone).

 What to expect• Organized Discord server with text and voice channels, event sign-ups and GW2Bot• Daily Fractal groups (T1-T4)• Weekly Raid Trainings• Level 46 Guild Hall (Upgrades in progress)• No representation requirement• Helpful people that answer your questions• Chill voice chat to hang out in• Other fun activites outside GW2 like Among Us, Movie Nights etc.

 Your profile• You play Guild Wars 2• You use Discord• You like being part of our community rather than just being an unknown name in a list

 Why join us?Valid question! I could write something sweet to convince you to join us, but instead I'll let you read what our current members say about [boH]:

"Came for the Guild Wars, stayed for the community." Toad, joined 04/2020

"I was a noob exploring Tyria...I am still a noob but now have friends to explore it with" Virmoss, joined 06/2020

"I was looking for a relaxed, familiar and active guild and found it with these guys. Only here for a week but already feel like being part of it for years." Kelris, joined 01/2021

"These are the people I dumped my other gaming friends for" Spekky, joined 06/2020

"Very accepting and chill people, were the first ones to properly teach me how to raid. Very fun, would recommend." Solarius, joined 07/2020

"I'm not allowed to leave. 10/10!" MJ, joined 06/2020

 "When I joined BOH I was welcomed with open arms and the last few months have been a great experience. What keeps us together is not just the love of Guild Wars 2 but the community and friendship we have built." Dom, joined 08/2020 

Interested?Leave a message below or add me on Discord (Deluriya#5245) and I'll message you!

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Is the guild still active ? I've tried searching for livid_t0ad#8695 in game but such player does not exist, and on Discord you can only send messages to people who're in your friends list it seems. Anyways, if someone from the guild sees this, could you drop me a message in game please ? 🙂

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