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which is better

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Engineer doing great, Mesmer not so great.

There's a lot of problems with Mesmer that were never fixed, and it got nerfed a lot, but if you enjoyed playing mesmer before, you'll still enjoy it today, it's not unplayable. It's just that stuff happened to it like, in PvP and WvW, Mirage now only has 1 dodge, no more boonshare chrono, nerfs to damage, etc.

However, i don't play Engi, and don't know if it's the same or not, someone else correct me if Engi is bad or whatever... But from what i've seen, in WvW, Scrappers are amazing, and Holosmith is great burst so...

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basicaly lost my account.. was sure it was linked to my gw1 and still have emails, but they say this account only had beta (i left just after the karka event.

as i cant find my old account, i just paid for a new one, as mate bought it too and couldnt be bothered to go in circles with support.

tbf as so much changed, restarting fresh isnt so bad, but damn i miss my crafting and bags.

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