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Add food options to Special Forces Training Area


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@"MonCroy.7281" said:As title says, I've spent a lot of expensive food training rotations at the golem. I wish there was a food option in the golem so I can be happy training for raids.Btw, are we going to have new hairstyles?????Isn't the real solution here to use "second best" foods such as rare veggie pizzas from the permanent portable provisioner and consider the training golem the practice environment that it was created to be?@maddoctor.2738 said:Even better, make the special forces training area work like a PVP gear system (with PVE skills obviously) where you can freely select your gear, weapons, stats, food, runes, sigils and so on. That way developing new builds and theory crafting won't be as expensive as it is now.As much as I would love some kind of sandbox to freely theorycraft in, I don't believe that a single static golem is at all adequate for good PvE testing.

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