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Experience Scrolls into Spirits Shards

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As the title states, I think it'd be nice to have the option of turning our Experience scrolls into Spirit Shards.

The option to exchange our Tomes of Knowledge at the Mystic Forge vendor for Spirit Shards is already available. I think it would be helpful if our Experience Scrolls could be exchanged just the same.

Example: Experience Scrolls that boosts a character to level 20 could be worth 20 Spirit shards. Each level is equal to one Spirit shard.

Thanks for reading!

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Those are just from birthday gifts though, it's probably meant to help you level alts, i doubt Anet will just hand out spirit shards as birthday gifts.I mean, i don't have anyhting against the idea, would be nice to not have to delete all of them because they're useles to me, i just don't think it'll happen.

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