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[EU][RAID][StuK] looking for one more member


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Hello GW2 people,Our static "Hardstuck Escort" is looking for a new member, able to fill a DPS spot (power + condi).Big bonus points if you can fill RR Cren. Some bonus points if you can fill BT or BS. Filling any other roles would also be a great bonus of course.Experience on all bosses is required.

The raid times are on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, always from 19:30 to 22:00 CET.We usually clear on Monday and Tuesday and train on Friday. Right now we are refining our Dhuum and Qadim 1 kills. Our next goals are transitioning to solo heal on certain bosses and doing CMs.

Other than that, we are quite laid back and relaxed, if you are looking for a chill raid static with some good memes this is the place.

Discord is required.

Send me a PM on Discord (Guruubaz.6969) with a short introduction, your killproof.me profile (or something similiar) and the roles you can fill.

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