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Snowden Drifts DRM- Ryland's Elite Shaman banishes players?


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If this is in the wrong forum, my apologies.

Twice during the boss fight with Ryland, portals open and spawn three elites which players have to kill to get back to fighting Ryland. One of those is an Elite Frost Legion Shaman. He always spawns at the back of the ruined Owl Lodge, farthest from its entrance.

One of his attacks has him spinning and charging at you. If you hits you, he launches your character into the air. You can stop the ascent by activating your glider and gliding down, but if you don't or are too late, you are suddenly teleported to the entrance of the lodge, far away from him. And it's too easy to get by this attack and not save yourself.

This happened while I was trying to do the DRM solo with all challenges active for the achievement.* However, doing it solo, the shaman would end up out of combat long enough to reset and gain back his health. You will also be out of combat long enough to get access to your mount- but you will never get back to him before he fully heals.

So I'm wondering- as per the subject line- if the shaman really is supposed to be able to banish players to the entrance of the boss fight area.

According to the patch notes for Champions Chapter 2-Power (19 January 2021):Dragon Response Mission boundaries will now uniformly push players back rather than eject players if they were in a private mission.

This makes me wonder if this is a glitch related to that "push players back into the instance area" effect. Although, this is odd because being thrown high into the air shouldn't count as going beyond the instance's boundaries where the Mastery Point for this DRM is higher than that.

If it is indeed intended, then I'd like to suggest that ANet please, please remove it, given how many harsh mechanics this fight already has.

Thank you.

*I've been trying to do it solo after failing repeatedly with a group, even with people who know the ins and outs of this DRM. I was hoping the event scaling would make it more doable solo, but while it makes the ordinary hostile NPCs quick and easy to kill, the final boss fight remains difficult and time-consuming, and the above doesn't help. Whether group or solo, people are having immense difficulty trying to complete the Top Dragon Responder: Snowden Drifts achievement. The EMP bug is one thing, but I've seen reports of non-EMP breaking of Ryland's defiance bar still has him gaining a ton of boons, the worst of all being Protection. Trying to break his defiance bar without the EMP is very difficult and risky given how much damage he does up close.

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