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Champion Bags, missing junk loot: Unidentifiable Object

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I opened 1k Champ Bags (Noxious Seed Pod) with level 80 and no Unidentifiable Object dropped out :(It has probably to do with the game update 01/19/2021 because it was mentioned in the patch notes that the loot tables are updated to remove the spirit shards.To be clear. The missing junk item is no spirit shard.I want my junk back !

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Hello Anet-Team.I opened another 1000 champion bags (Noxious Seed Pouch). Still no Unidentifiable Object dropped out :'(Maybe i am the only one who miss the junk item.We had this item before the removal of the spirit shard.I couldn't find any statement or comment to the missing junk loot. So, it's a bug for me.Dear Anet-Team, can you check your loot tables for champion bags please.If the removal of the junk item was your intention, leave a comment at least.

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