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Best Engineer Build For Open World PVE ( Lock Load and BURN )

Lord Hizen.5918

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While I don't have anywhere close to the stuff to get legendary stuff, it's crazy how much more burn damage you get just from switching the traits around and from the elixir. I don't get the point of having the corona configuarion though. The shield is negligeble without hitting multiple enemies, and in the scenario of multiple enemies, are you not capable of simply rushing them down? The power of what you are rocking deffo suggests you are. Anywways, good tips, made things better for me =)

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Since the build is not proccing into explosive traits, the only effects of Storm config are double range, 20% projectile finisher, and 50% more heat. That is a terrible choice in this build.Zephyr is mostly irrelevant in this build, also. Cleansing Sigil covers the condi threats.Additionally, Eclipse gives you at least two thousand barrier every six seconds (there are two strikes). Up to 10k. That's relevant. Barriers give your heals and regen and condis more time to do their magic.

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