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Rune of the Sneakers


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Since Rune of the Trapper has seen great success in the game, it is time to introduce this kind of playstyle to a wider audience.

Rune of the Sneakers (PvP):(1): +25 Vitality(2): +35 Toughness.(3): +50 Vitality(4): +65 Toughness(5): +100 Vitality(6): Gain 3 seconds of stealth after using a minion skill. Minion attacks do not reveal you.

The rune should grant defensive stats, because offensive stats would make it too strong in terms of hard to counter attacking potential. Tankiness does also fit more into the current meta of the game. The fact that it is not possible to contest a point while being stealthed keeps this rune in line.

Rune of the Sneakers should also work for ranger pets, elementalist summons and mesmer illusions.

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This will be the best April Fool joke !And put near its description that will last for 60 days , and its reduced 1 day for every 2000 match that are done by the community Eu+USA (not a single person) , while they are in the 1-250 Leader board areaAnd that guy who tryharded to remove it , give him a Title called "Blame Me"

edit: Or allow him , to renew the Runes for 1 month (cannot go further than the release of the expansion) + the Title

edit2: Or20 people from the 1-250 rank , with most games played

  • 30 people for the 250-750

  • 50 people from lower ranksThe tops ones vote , counts as "x1,5" , while in the middle "x0,9" and the rest "x0,3"And let the "Council" choose the "Abbibas Sneakers" fate

  • top 5 players , per continent regardless of how many matches , get x20 votes

  • 5 top from each Division (Silver-Gold-Platinum) , x4 votes

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