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Minions Disappearing from the Wardrobe?

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Hi, I did my best to look for a solution before reaching out here, but minions to preview in the wardrobe seem to be disappearing?

Specifically, I was looking for the Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy - https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini_Lucky_Lantern_Puppyafter I saw folks running around with the little cutie, and checked the wardrobe to see how it might be obtained. It straight up doesn't exist to even preview for locked skins unless I copy paste in its code from the wiki. Is this pup gone forever?

I was hoping I could get it, even in the Gem Store, in memory of my late Labrador that passed away a couple weeks ago. I miss her very much and a little companion carrying a lantern full of hope and wishes in the game seemed like a nice dream.

Crossing my fingers it somehow cycles in to the gem store during Lunar New Year celebrations, hopefully, and it's not gone forever. Any help or info would be appreciated, thank you <3

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Oh, you mean mini pets?

Some of them (mainly gem store minis I think) are deliberately hidden from the wardrobe until you've got them. I think it's so completionists don't feel pressured to pay for all the gem store ones in addition to collecting the ones which are obtained in-game just to fill up empty spaces in the list.

But even if it was in the wardrobe that wouldn't tell you anything about how to get it, all it does is let you see what it looks like and help track whether you've already got it. If you want to know how to get one you need to check the Wiki or ask in-game.

In this case it's a gem store mini and specifically tied to Lunar New Year so there's a very good chance it will be back in the store this month. It's not mentioned in the gem store update on the news page, so unless they forgot it that means it's not going to come back this week or next week, but Lunar New Year runs until 23rd February, so it could be one of the things they're saving for that 3rd week.

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Thank you for the reply! Oops on the title there, accidental name swap in another game! haha, yes, mini pets.

That would make a lot of sense to hide seasonal items/minis when they can't be obtained either in events or the gem store presently. I'll hope it comes in the next few weeks during the holiday; it has every year since its release, at least!

Thank you! ^^

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