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Lunar festival missing community feel


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I think they should just remove the 1st place thing and replace it with getting Gold-level participation on the events.It is kindof unfair and demoralizing that if some capping circle spawned closer to someone else at the start, you lose just because of that.Right now you feel more like "oh that other person is ahead of me, might as well give up right here because I will only get +1 Lucky Aura anyway".If it were based off Gold-level participation, both players would get the +1 Lucky Aura as they participated almost equally to the event too.
It would be worth continuing the event and improve players working together rather than against each other.

Earlier today I had a new player ask how to use the Rabbit Jump. I realized that to help that player(by responding), I would have to give up on my chance of getting 1st place in the event...

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@"Yggranya.5201" said:"Community", that's a good one. Community feel would be team work, but since this is an MMO, that isn't going to happen unless it improves/increases rewards, and then you would just get the raid community BS. You know, show some "skill" by proving your amazing ability to copy meta builds.

Any opportunity to attack others right?

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@"lokh.2695" said:Festivals are just a cheap way of delivering """content""". Also, since these festivals are mostly automated at this point, I would not expect any major changes to what they contain. "B..but they did mounts" - yeah sure, never say never, I just wouldn't get my hopes up too high for any substantial changes to any of the festivals.

Actually, the last 3 years have had a major update to one festival

2018 - festival of the four winds returns, reworked with multiple new mount events, the coins meta, and more

2019 - in a similar fashion, dragon bash returns with more new content than old, most notable the arena where you fight holograms.

2020 - the lunar new year got the celestial challenge game mode added, its biggest update since the holiday was first added.

So it stands to reason that one holiday this year will more content than skins and tweaks to existing content. The devs mentioned they were chipping away at making SAB world 3 but that it would take a few years, I might expect that in 2022. And given which festivals the last 3 years have updated I’d guess Wintersday or Halloween is next for 2021

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