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Cant buy gems

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@"Regimentz.3471" said:first of all it has my old expired card saved i click next anyway and put my new info in and click save as new card. then i ckick accept and buy it goes to processing the defalts back to my old card any help?

Did you do all step in correct order as described in this link?


You should contact Support, if nothing else works as we on forum can not do anything and there is no costumer service on forum (in particular when we talk about security related matter as bank and credit card information are sensitive information). Use the red "Submit a ticket" box on right side of the same page (see link above) and pick the correct field for subject "Purchase and Billing Support". If you are logged into Support when you Submit a ticket, then you can keep a track of what is going in with your ticket (you should also get a copy to your email).

Don't make several tickets about the same issue (as it will put your ticket back in cue). Only when there is something else that you need to talk with CS about then you can make a new ticket that isn't an update of your first ticket.

Good luck!

EDIT: Your title for this thread is incorrect as you actually want to change/remove and add new information for credit card as far as I understand it, so it isn't related to problems that other have had lately where bank ask for a 2-step verification during purchase. Suggestion would be: "Can't change/update stored CC information" or something like that.

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