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Lunar New Year email links to NCSoft website with bad cert

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On Feb 2 I received an email from guildwars2@ncsoft.com that announced the new Lunar New Year content. Most of the many links in the email direct to guildwars2.ncsoft.com. But all of the web-browsers I've tried prevent me from loading those pages, claiming the connection is not secure. Apparently the problem is that the https cert for ncsoft.com is linked to bluehornet.com, and not ncsoft.com. I'm guessing that ncsoft hired bluehornet to do marketing for them, but messed up the cert.

I'm suspect this is all a legit error, and not phishing, but end users aren't supposed to have to guess about this stuff. (I personally haven't overriden the security warnings to plow through to the website myself) If there's somone from the companies reading this (arenanet, ncsoft, bluehornet, etc) please forward the info to the proper team for investigation/correction.

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@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:Must be already taken care of, because the links work fine for me. (Firefox)

It is not it still has a bat certificate cause if you type guildwars2.ncsoft.com it directs you to http://guildwars2.ncsoft.com now try with https://guildwars.ncsoft.com (which the clickable link in the mail probably redirects to) and you get a certificate error.

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