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PoF Skyboxes

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Anyone notice how awesome the skies look compared to rest of tyria? i can't speak much on hot i never got to see sky much lol. To many tress and or i just never looked or remember what they look liked. PoF is so vivid skybox wise much more detailed than core tyria. I really like realistic sky boxes for night scenes. Really sets the worlds mood off. I felt and still do feel skyrim had one of the best skyboxes, but PoF is step up in improvement.Naturally, in rl i like to star gaze, always been one my summer hobbies just to cold here in winter to sit for hours gazing off into the void of space, but now i can do it in PoF during winter. Unfortunately, its not as alive as I wish it could be but still anet thanks for these improved skies really dig them.

I've snapped few shots in the desert highlands to show them off of coarse in game with the atmosphere effects (purpleish looking gas up in sky you can see it in some of the shots but static image don't show its detail animation) and all i feel its best, still worth a look if u like stuff like that and if you have any of your own throw em up to share.

I think this forum could use some more positive vibes so let me try my luck at that.


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