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Some questions to the dps role.


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Hey guys,

taken the bs slot is taken and I play dps: How exactly am I suppose to use @Outrage? [another question: can I link skills here?]

So when you go for dps instead of banner (which is dps in its own way aswell ofc) I see only two differents in the traits.Discipline: Doubled Standards -> Destruction of the Empowered (makes sense because you don't use banners after all).Berserker: Savage Instinct -> Last Blaze (more DPS due to the mini conditions).

So since you don't play with Savage Instinct (why tho?) and take the mini dps-increase of Last Blaze; how exactly do you break the stun from Head Butt?I first thought: Ok, Head Butt into Outrage into Berserk mode, but that feels like I waste the Berserk Extend of Outrage, which to my understanding, is the biggest dps increase of it all.

How exactly is the rotation? Why don't you use Savage Instinct?

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Berserker's outgoing damage depends on berserker mode duration because primal burst skills so if you play with banners or extra rage skills damage is same while in berserk mode, when you loose it your damage drops. For long fights (raids) you want to stay in berserk mode as long as you can so you spam rage skills, good advice is play with another warrior and split banners so you can take another rage skill. For fractals you don't want to wait 1s in stun because burst thats why savage instinct. Big problem is you dont have F2 for exit berserk so if you over stack duration for example in fractals you probably will waste fresh berserk for bursting

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Hi, a floating warrior player here.

To answer your questions :1) You use outrage in tandem with Headbutt (You headbutt first -> Outrage). This is to extend your Berserker uptime by 2 Seconds on headbutt + 5 Second on outrage (breakstun)

2) Depending on the group, if you are to run as a DPS Berserker (power / condi wise) and you have another warrior in your party to bring banners, it is still better to bring Double Standards since it will still affect you (that is 200 stats on power/condi/fero/prec - on Strength and Discipline Banner).

  • a) On the off chance that you are the only warrior in the group, I would still suggest to run the banners with the Double Standard trait line (if you want to really minimize the banner usage at this point then an option would be disc banner + double standard trait).
  • b) On the off chance that you are the only warrior in the group and do not want to bring any banner, I would suggest swapping runes to either thief or eagle (assuming you are not using them already) + a couple of assassin gear to still maintain crit cap (you can mix them up if you want depending on which runes you go to since eagle is 125 prec lower than thief). And choose either Destruction of the Empowered or Brawler's Recovery.
  • c) On the off chance you are not in a group, probably Open World at this point, then you can go for either Destruction of the Empowered for more damage on enemies with boons (which is kind funny cause you'll lose damage a bit if your enemy has protection). Or Brawler's Recovery for 1 condition removal.

Either way, going with either a) or b) here would lose you DPS in a group setting. C) is more of a meh considering Open World.

3) For actual DPS Option, the best trait to choose is Smash Brawler since it gives you an extra 5 seconds on your Berserker uptime. Now, why use Savage Instinct? There are fights for group content in which you wanna start dps-ing right away (such as Skol on 99CM, Mama on 98 CM, etc. etc.) If u use savage instinct, its normally paired up with Mending with Peak Performance for that sweet 15% dmge increase for a few seconds.

Assuming you'll use it for OP, then i would recommend using Savage Instinct for the same reason; DPS THE TARGET FAASSSTTTT XDThe Last Blaze, as far as I am concerned is normally used with the Condi Berserker Setup. You can also use this as a power setup assuming you play a mix build - Grievings or something? for some extra burns.

Regarding the headbutt opening, like I said in #3, it is highly situational as far as DPS-ing is concern. If you follow some guide, they go for headbutt -> wait 1 sec -> Enter Berserk Mode then start DPS. Some ppl would go for Headbutt -> Outrage -> Berserk mode which is OK still (since if you go with the rotation, you would have enough berserker extension for headbutt to go out of CD again so you can headbutt + outrage.) The other way if you dont wanna do the headbutt opener is to cast Axe 5 until full adrenaline then Berserk -> Decap -> Blood Reckoning -> Decap -> Headbutt -> Outrage -> Decap -> so on and so fort (just press outrage every CD since it will line up with Headbutt at the end)

If there are some mistakes or missing info on this one, people can correct me. :)

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As answered above, take double standards if there is a BS present.

Use Smash Brawler in PvE. You should have brave stride in Strength slotted instead of Peak Performance (its a trap trait anyway just camp Signet of Might). Brave Stride will give stability when you use Headbutt which will then strip it for a DPS boost in your opener and every time you use Headbutt.

Your opener then is Headbutt -> Outrage -> F1 ->F1. DPS rotation depends on your weapon. Use Outrage on CD for a berserk mode increase, it will be off CD in time to break Headbutt's self stun.

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You're thinking too much, it's simple, think about how to continue proccing your f1 ability. The idea as berserker, if you're going power or condi, is to keep casting your f1. So I play power berserk, you do not ever need to switch from dual axe; just look at your adrenaline bar, when that bad boy is zero, use the rage heal, boom (f1), use axe 5 but do not break the channeling. You just need to keep casting f1 over and over again, axe 5, and dodge roll. Oh and don't forget to use your physical skill to get the 7% damage buff, keep that bad boy up too. That is your job. It is that simple. Use Snowcrows website for help.

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  • 2 weeks later...

IDK! I can't play it! Yesterday in raids with statics we had to fill uo and some1 wanted to play BS. So I played DPS.I legit deal 2-3k dps LESS as dedicated DPS over playing the BS role.


I'm even a bit frustrated since I really only play warrior (dont even have other geared characters) but yet I'm not able to play it differenc aspects well... I also struggle with the condi variant but thats atleast a different concept. But Power DPS over BS? Its almost the same...

Check this KC loghttps://dps.report/dz0m-20210218-203529_kc

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@Skyy.5380 said:I make it to 22k on a good day at the golem...srsly am i missing buffs or something?What I also noticed...when i play bannerslave my Eviscerate deals ~25k, in full DPS role only 20k...

On the golem for benchmarking add all the possible buffs including banners and the banner trait even if you are not taking banners.

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