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Installing GW2 to NAS, sharing the same install directory between two or more computers

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So I'm researching the options for moving the whole families collection of games to a NAS storage on a 10 gigabit connection, with SSD caching HDDs on the NAS itself, and possibly caching of frequent used files on each client PC connected to the NAS.

Now I'm wondering if the scenario below is at all feasible:

  • NAS unit with GW2 installed to it
  • Win10 clients accessing the NAS as an iscsi drive
  • Two (or more) different client computers running GW2 from the SAME installation directory at the same time (different accounts of course)

I can see issues when it comes to the local.dat file - anyone got any real info to share on this subject (and please refrain from speculating if you don't actually know). Thanks!

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Local.dat contains file manifests (updated with patches), caches (some specific to the hardware) and "local" / hardware-related settings (login, sound and some graphics).

GW2 normally requires exclusive write-access to its files. To launch multiple clients simultaneously, you need to use the -sharearchive option, which puts the game in read-only mode, including Local.dat. To patch, each client would need to be launched normally to update its own copy of Local.dat. Local.dat could alternatively be shared between computers, but it probably shouldn't.

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