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Portal Tomes and Invitations (Season 3, 4, Icebrood Saga, Invitation to the Party and Lily of Elon)


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Could we have them all into a single item in the inventory?

Guild Wars 2 Portals in the Inventory

Let me begin by saying that all of these portal are greatly appreciated and useful in game. Easy to access and it allows us players to go around the game quick and efficiently. However, each of the useful portal take a lot of space in our inventory and it would be great if we could have a global portal that we can update every season to include access to the new areas.

The Portal Tomes are function and display exactly the same way just like the portal on Eye of the North, it would be great if we could fusion them into a single portal tome and also include the event invitations like invitation to the Party and Invitation to Lily of the Elon, these are all basically portals and they all do the same thing.

If could even include the boss portal for the bosses around the world.

I appreciate your time and thank you for reading this.

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