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Gathering Flutes

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This post has two objectives. One is posting a bug and one is to ask the community about the possibility of another one.

On December 2020 I bought a Firefly Mining Flute. A few minutes later I realized it is, ironically, bugged. Every other time that I use it, my character gets stuck on the spot until the entire animation finishes. It's just a few seconds, but it's annoying. I went to the "known issues" list in the wiki, and they recognize this issue, but only for the Swarm Logging Flute, not the Firefly Mining Flute. I contacted the game support and they told me "sorry, we have no reports regarding this issue".

After using it for two months I know how to make the bug show up 100% of the times. Whenever I set my character to autorun and I try to use the firefly mining flute while running, I know my character will definitely get stuck. The scene is like this: my character is running, I get to a mining node, I start mining, as soon as the last piece of metal has been gathered, my character automatically starts running again (because of the autorun part), but it only manages to take one step and will immediately stop and get rooted on the spot until the last firefly leaves the scene. I've tried with all my characters (all male, every race and every class except for thief) both in PvE and WvW.

Now comes my question to the community. Has anybody ever experienced this issue with the Butterfly Harvesting Flute? Since the Anet team only knows about the issue with the Swarm Logging Flute, and I am now posting the issue with the Firefly Mining Flute, I would like to know if someone has ever experienced this issue with the Butterfly Harvesting Flute.

I know that Neural.1824 posted this same issue mentioning the logging flute and the mining flute on June 1st, 2018, but says nothing about the harvesting flute. Since that post was, apparently, not registered, I would like to insist on the issue.

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