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Looking for Guild, PvX, NA MST, Casual, Will Change Servers


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Started playing in beta. Took a break. Came back.

I am looking for a guild for older players. The kind of place where people don't need to insert profanity every other word. I don't mind cussing, but really a bit tired of kids using it as punctuation. I am open to using voice comms, but I am not usually on them unless there is something that needs coordination (PVP, WvW, Raids, etc). I can be social, although it takes me a bit of time to warm up to people.

I have a terminal disease, and this means that there are times that I am not physically able to be online. This has to be okay with people. If I disappear for a few weeks, it means that I am too sick to be on. Playtimes vary, although I am on most afternoons to early evenings, and then come back after the family is fed. so let's say 12 PM to 5 PM and 8 PM to 11 PM. Fridays are variable all day.

Feel free to message me azkitten.2814, although I am in NM now!

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Hiya! It sounds like you might be interested in my guild, Café Solidarity. We are mostly older players, and there's not hardly any profanity in the guild. We don't use voice comms very often (except for Fractal CM group and our Raids and Strikes Training Group). We have many people in the guild who are also slower to warm up but really enjoy the community once they get settled in.

We're a guild for people at the margins, including people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, so we completely understand not physically being able to be online. We don't have an activity requirement. If someone does not log into the game for 3 months, we move them to a special "inactive" member status, but we don't kick them. We only kick if someone has been gone for 6 months or more with no communication.

It sounds like your play times would match up well with when people are active, so maybe you'd like to consider us!

If you'd like more information, please check out our recruitment post or hop into our Discord. Or, you're always welcome to send me an in-game mail! :)

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