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Dhuum green mechanic - orbs - a weird perception

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I don't know if I perceive it wrong but lemme post my understanding:

When I solo dhuum instance for training the green mechanic, I seem to find a lot of orbs flying around and I never died due to timed out and the orbs get collected easily (at 150 ping)but during actual encounter, I got a chance to handle the third green and I can say for sure that there are very few orbs and if we miss them were messed up we wont get new orbs as often as the first green which I experienced in solo training... and also, the orbs get their sweet time to get collected(150 ~ 170 ping) longer than I experienced when i did it solo... was standing on the small orb for like 3 secs and still didn't get collected and this happened consistently in the actual encounter...

are my findings wrong? or did you guys felt the same thing?

If there are ways to increase the orbs for third green, pls list them out like kill the deathlings or dont kill many deathlings or lot of orbs will be available in certain spot like where the squad tank is and where the creatures are being killed frequently...

any tips would be greatly appreciated.. thx

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I am not sure if this will help, but one thing I have noticed the big orb always spawns to your left if you look at the center of the arena. What I like to do is to take a couple of small ones near the center while heading to the big one on the edge. And of coruse while flying up before you get to the highest point you can start moviing to the first orb you see above you. Sometimes rushing the big one for the safety can be a bad idea. I agree it is not the easiest thing to do, but greens is what makes Dhuum difficult, other mechanics are easy. You can have a bad RNG sometimes but you can always work around it but honestly I think with 150 ping it can be difficult to do so.About collecting the orbs. It should be because of a lag. Happened to me on my old pc when I had low fps and high ping. What I felt was working is not using movement keys on the second you are collecting the orbs.. But beware hitboxes are weird. And I think that the big orb has the same hitbox as the small one, I might be wrong, but many fails made me think like that. For the number of orbs. Many people say it is RNG, but I think it is related to the number of spiders you kill. Normally if you are rotating right you'd be cleaving em down pretty easily. But I agree that 3rd green is the worst one to do, I always avoid being 3rd when I can XD

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