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Veteran wvw/gvg guardian LFG


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I am looking for a wvw/gvg focused guild that likes to squash map boobs with small coordinated numbers. I am a guardian with full PvT gear. Rank 300s. Played 6/7 years ago, when the arena didn’t even exist for gvg, was near the windmall! And played some gvg during arena release before guild fell apart.

Was in a few guilds, but most memorable was with Fight as One [ONE] under the beast lead, Naus, similar style to the god Sacrx of Red Guard.

What I am looking for is a wvw/gvg focused guild with a vocal and loud commander , not put up the pin, but small guild group train.

Gvg video:

Wvw blob smasher video:

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