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Mini Lunar Ox?

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If there is one I'm not aware of it, and I've been looking.

It's possible it will be a gem store purchase like the mini ram and the lantern puppy and will come out in the 3rd week of the festival. It's also possible they won't do one, they haven't been consistent with adding zodiac animals in previous years and they've been releasing fewer new minis recently. I don't think there were any new ones for Wintersday or Halloween and I don't think the Champions releases have included any. The focus for festival rewards seems to have shifted to weapon sets.

I'm not sure why, maybe they've decided that 767 minis is a bit much right now (that is an average of 7.6 per month since the game released), or someone who gets to decide these things considers weapon skins to be better rewards, or maybe they noticed not as many players were going for minis.

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