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LF guild to get into raiding [NA, CDT]


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tl;dr stuff:

  • Looking to start raiding, maybe once or twice a week
  • NA server, CDT in US
  • Best times are Wednesday evenings (after 6:30pm) or Friday afternoons (ending by 7:30pm), can also do Tues/Thurs nights around 9-9:30pm CDT(I have late evening classes those nights)
  • Don't need to do speed kills or hardcore anything, and in fact I can't afford top-tier stats/runes/food, I just want to see the content, make some gold, loot some gear, and play the specs I enjoy
  • Specs I actually really want to play: Power Holosmith, Condi Renegade, Condi Mirage.
  • Specs I can also bring but don't really want to play 100% of the time: Magi Druid, Condi Firebrand.
  • Specs I have access to but am really rusty with (or haven't learned at all): Tempest Tank, Power Weaver, Thief (any).
  • Spec I enjoy for OW/dungeons/fractals but cannot in any way afford ideal stats/runes for and wouldn't want to play 100% of the time: Chronomancer.
  • Ideally I'd like to start off as Condi Renegade until I have the resources to properly gear up Condi Mirage, but I have no problem being Healer Druid or Condi Firebrand at first as long as I'm not stuck doing it all the time.

The full story:

Been playing this game since launch, though I've taken several (often very long) breaks. Came back for PoF a few weeks ago, and I want to give raiding a real shot.

I tried once before a few months after it came out - joined a guild, did one raid as tank tempest and another as tank chrono, didn't down Vale Guardian either time, and just kinda stopped trying. Took another break from the game shortly after that, and when I came back I had been (understandably) removed from the guild for inactivity.

Thing is, I'm really intimidated by the meta. I look at these builds and see how incredibly strict the meta seems to be, and though I've been reassured that "that's only for speed kills" I've also been told that no pug is going to invite a Holosmith or Mirage when they could go with a meta comp instead.

I'm also not rich - I do have full ascended armor of all three types (well, almost, just need Medium helm) as well as multiple ascended weapons, and I recently came into some money after selling a precursor, but I'm still a copper-pincher. As a result, I won't always be able to afford the top-tier meta stat combos, runes/sigils, or consumables.

What I'm not worried about is learning fights - I'm a veteran WoW raider and if there's one thing I can do and do well, it's learn a boss. Learning my character's rotation and role might be trickier, since I've only ever done dungeons and open world content in this game (and a couple fractals), but general "move here, stack here, phase change" type stuff comes really easy to me.

I mentioned I have full ascended armor of each type, so I'd ideally have three raid-ready characters. In a perfect world with an even meta I'd without question go Power Holosmith and Condi Mirage as my mains, but I understand that Holosmith doesn't have quite the DPS that other power builds do, and Mesmers are met with "why aren't you chrono." So, with those two set aside for now, I've narrowed it down to Condi Firebrand and Condi Renegade - I have set my heavy armor to mostly-Viper's so I can share their gear, and although I would really prefer Renegade, I can bring either of them. I also have a Druid and was planning to get full Magi exotics, though I've been reading that a full healer druid is unnecessary in most fights so I don't know how useful it would be.

As for any kind of scheduling: This might be another issue, as my time is a bit tight right now. I'm in CDT US, and between work, evening classes, and other obligations, my only guaranteed open times are Tuesday and Thursday nights (after ~9pm CDT), Wednesday nights (after ~6:30pm CDT), and Friday mornings/afternoons (I have a thing at 7:30pm CDT). Right now, I typically work weekends and usually end my shifts at 7pm, but there's no guarantee that I won't be given a random closing shift on Saturday or Sunday. Friday afternoons and Wednesday nights would probably be best, but Tues/Thurs nights are fine too as long as it's a late start (for me) since I have a late evening class those days.

As for my ultimate goal with raiding: I just want to see all the content, get some collections/achievements, loot some ascended gear (I still don't have full trinkets) and make some gold. I also want to get to a point where I can effectively play and raid with the classes and specs I really enjoy, even if they're not meta.

Anyway, that's my life story. Post here or send me an in-game mail (or whisper, if I'm on) if you think I'd be a good fit in your guild (or if you have questions).

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