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How to use mantra of pain while leveling?


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My main is elementalist so I don't have that much experience with stuff like the mantras. Should I be rechanneling it before I fight enemies? 12 might is quite a lot of extra damage. Or should I just be using a charge to kill an enemy and not worrying about using all the charges between fights? At the end of the day thinking about it now it won't really matter because in group content I'll be spammed with might anyways and the open world is trivial, but it couldn't really hurt knowing while I level. Using the cast before fighting is kinda wonky, but the damage increase is massive.

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So from experience, with Mantra of Pain I charge it once and then I only use the one charge and wait until another charge becomes available, so I don't waste both charges in go and then spend 2secs charging when those 2secs could've been used in something else. I've done the whole auto casting for Mantra of Pain and I found it to mess up my rotation so I don't recommend it.

As an added note for Mantras in general, I personally think ours should get a Final Charge just like the Heal Brand and yes some will say "we get boons when we charge it up," but I'm referring to having 3 charges instead of 2. Overall, Mantras are unique in some ways but when I'm carrying them for any mode, I don't use all charges in one go and just wait for the one pip to recharge. Also when you're in a party/raid, you'll always have Might given to you by someone else, so there's really no need to be using all charges and then charging it back up again.

Hopefully this helps!

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Charge just before engaging.

Use Power Spike (the charges) as skill weaves.If yu play FF14 or WoW yu might understand what I'm talking about.

Use both Charges, then recharge when all yur other skills of the current weapon set are on cooldown, or when yu are running to kite an enemy.

I personally played Mantra of Pain with GS Sword Torch and will generally burst with Mantra of Pain and Power Spike with GS combos, then recharge it when I swap to Sword Torch.

The magic of Mantra of Pain/Power Spike is that it's essentially a damage utility on average 10 second refresh period.

As a damage utility, the more it's used the more value it brings.

If not, just slot something else.

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I normally forget the might stacks and keep it and mantra of distraction charged. When I engage in combat I try to interrupt with power lock and immediately follow up with power spike and iberserkers. Huge vulnerability stacks is nice and helps the phantasms run over your target with big damage.

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