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Guild Missions udpate?

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Hello everyone, I've been trying to recruit for a rebuilding roster guild for over a year now but it seems that no one wants to really join unless they are new, already have a guild because they've been in the game for a while, or just want to not associate themselves due to a weird bug in wvw to hide themselves as a target. I personally feel that those that have joined have no incentive to want to do guild missions anymore because the majority of the rewards are lackluster and people can get them anyway or something very much better at cheaper prices for either laurels, fractals rewards or wvw and pvp...no one wants to do guild missions with each other anymore for a measly rare & 1 commendation from a bouncy chest. Instead of having to save up commendations and gold people could potentially go do LS or pvp and even WvWvW to get the ascended ring/trinket they desire.

is there any hope or plans to make guild events worth doing again or am I probably just going to have to disband and uninstall the game in exchange for a more "cared for" game?

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@Tzarakiel.7490 said:One simple thing they could do to increase participation is to add better rewards to the commendation vendors. Like mystic coins or other useful stuff. At the moment there are almost no decent consumable rewards that players will always need more of.

completely agree. its lack of rewards that are worth it.

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