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Make deadeyes mark work on pets

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Most NPCs are subject to so many exceptions and are very jank to effects.

Taunt for example doesn't work the same as it does on players, cripple or chill is typically almost ignored on disengage, they teleport on various occasions also.

It's a very broken mess if you consider the lack of proper nerfs to them also.

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Ranger pets do not die, they cease to exist when swapped out/melded. To make stuff like Deadeye's Mark work properly on them, you'd have to do lots of coding, which A-net simply wont allocate resources to do right now.Only ever mark pets if you're sure the ranger is about to swap them out/meld with them. That way you get an instant recharge on mark and get a double proc out of your traits(boons, healing from mug etc). You're right it would be neat if marking a pet worked properly, but all you can do in the current situation is exploiting the anomaly. Because it won't get corrected before they release EoD.

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