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What to do against traps on caps?


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I was playing some PvP with a couple of guildies and we ran into a 5-party who were coordinating. Basically they had a 4-stack of teamfighters and their roamer was laying traps that prevented me from decapping points without taking a load of damage, at which point he'd come and put me at a disadvantageous 1v1. Meanwhile they all sat at mid and dominated teamfights. My theory since they were dominating mid was to full cap and force them to disperse, but again the traps were the issue.

I do think we were at a disadvantage in terms of the experience level of our players (it was unranked), but even so I don't want to make excuses, it's more useful for me to just figure out how to carry the situation.

With my current knowledge I really didn't know what I was supposed to do, hence why I've come here looking for answers since I'm guessing I will run into this situation again in future. Particularly about the traps, I've never seen that before though I know dragonhunter is meant to have a build like that?

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If you see a DH or trap ranger on the other team, just dodge across a point every time.

Depending on your setup and what traps they laid, you may have to wait them out a little bit. If you know how much damage you can take, though, and know you won't die + enemy won't get there in time that your loss of health won't be a problem, just dodge across the point to proc the traps then decap.

If you're really desperate, maybe shadowstep onto the point and back to proc all the traps? They sould be done doing their thing by the time you actually get there.

IIRC they also can't place down traps in multiple areas, so if you can force them to use a trap at a midfight or something, the same trap on the other node will disappear.

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Traps have a delay on most of their effects. Dodge across the space where the trap likely is and you will avoid 80% of the effect, more in the case of DH traps.

Don't focus too much on standing on point versus a trap build. They may get the cap but if you don't over commit to the point you can win the 1v1 and then decap you won't lose that many points.

A roamer is the team's DPS support so you should prioritize the kill over the decap if you can win the 1v1 without focusing on the point.

DH trapper running Trapper rune for stealth tends to be glassy because they rely on stealth for defense. If you can burst them they are reliable kills as long as you out stealth them after each burst. The rune is good but thief is better at stealth.

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